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Leaders Coaching

Accompany C level executives and Senior Managers in different types of industries (pharmaceutical laboratories, construction, consulting, Telecom, startups…) and in different positions (CEO, CFO, HRD…)



Accompany executive and managers in transition helping them in their reconversion.

HR Assignment

Talent Mapping for zone EMEA


Coaching team

Accompany associates leaders in family business in different sectors (Digital, Retail)


Know each other better to work better together, Management… (Retail, MBA program…)


Yann Toutant
CEO Econocom Nederland B.V., President French Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands

Defining a coaching methodology is always challenging… the way Virginie approaches coaching is somewhat unique : Making clear that you have your own different personalities that run your decision making processes understand their motivations is the key.

After 6 months of coaching together, Virginie has certainly made me reach a level of better consciousness of the impact of my decisions on my wellbeing and, by consequence, on the impact on the organization I run.

Enough said, just give it a try, no need to keep the receipt since you will for sure not return it !

Benedicte Guichard
Head of Marketing Cleeng

J’avais quelques a priori sur le coaching d’une manière générale mais après les séances avec Virginie, j’ai pu apprécier toute la valeur de son travail et mettre en place un plan d’action très concret pour améliorer ma communication et mes relations avec le monde extérieur (professionnel et personnel).

Son expertise, sa qualité d’écoute, et surtout sa passion pour les relations humaines font de Virginie un coach très performant.

André Dye
Founder / CEO Red Pimiento International Marketing Agency

I highly recommend Virginie. She has a high expertise in executive & team coaching.

It was very helpful in helping Red Pimiento to enter a more effective communication and a better understanding of everyone unique profile.

Jehan Leroy
Président France et Algérie Kapsch CarrierCom AG

Virginie was my personal coach in 2015/2016 at a key and difficult moment of my career.

And I was very impressed by her competence grounded in solid work and life experience, and the method she was following.

Also, her natural leadership combined with her positive energy were inspiring and of great support. I can only strongly recommend her !

Salma Cherqaoui

J’ai pu bénéficier d’une intervention/atelier animé par Virginie où elle avait sa casquette de coach RH. 

Par delà son parcours professionnel original, c’est une personne très inspirante. Constamment en écoute active et dotée d’une grande vivacité, elle prodigue des conseils judicieux. 

Positivité, intégrité et pédagogie, sont quelques qualités qui font de Virginie un excellent coach. 

Bref, je suis sortie de son atelier avec un plan d’action perso/pro très concret et les étoiles plein les yeux

Jude Lee
Designer at Performance Solutions MSc

In my experience with Virginie, I found her to be not only the consummate professional, but also very insightful and sensitive in her assessments.

She is a talent that I would endorse as a true professional asset to any organization.

As a personal coach, she has had transformational impact. She comes with my highest recommendation

Blue like horizon

Granit like energy

Coaching sessions are possible in Two different places

To schedule an appointment


Hangar à Paname
165 bis rue de Vaugirard
75015 Paris


Now Working
15 quai des Chartrons
33000 Bordeaux


The Links
13, rue de Crucy
44100 Nantes