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Virginie Guillois, founder of BLEU GRANIT

My journey

Studies & Choices

Trained at ESSCA Angers, I worked for 7 years in sales in leading companies on their market, including Danone, Adecco before specializing in Human Resources, an area that fascinates me.

At 30, I took a postgraduate degree in HR management.

I then move to General Electric and an architectural firm in Paris as an HR Business Partner and HR Director.

Travel & inspiration

For many years, I worked away from my roots.

My international career has taken me from Casablanca to Moscow, Prague, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, with my family.

But my roots remained in Brittany, on the small island of Bréhat. There, the Blue Horizon is incredibly bright and granite energy is everywhere.

Experiences, experience

In France and abroad, my professional experiences have been extremely rich. Each gave me new experiences, new look on different topics and new skills.

  • In Morocco, I created a Corporate University to train the local staff of the Auchan / On a joint venture.
  • In Moscow, I joined the start-up of Norauto’s subsidiary. I recruited the head office staff, set up the regulatory and legal bases of the subsidiary.
  • In Prague, I worked on a business plan to launch a new training solution.
  • In Amsterdam, I launched my first coaching company.

These various missions taught me adaptability and capability to reinvent myself.

I had to find my professional way in new countries without mastering local language. I had to learn to restart wherever I was, to reinvent myself, be agile, creative, clever, understand that there is not one way to act but blue horizons are full of incredible opportunities!

Coaching, as an obvious option

Recruited as HR Director at Group M, I had to manage a company reorganization. It was a hard time in my professional life. I chose to be coached.

The world of coaching then appeared to me as an evidence.

To get trained and pass my certification, I took a three-year course at Osiris Conseil.

The method of Geneviève Cailloux and Pierre Cauvin combines two Jungian approaches:

  • le MBTI (Myers-Briggs Typological Indicator) or CCTI
  • le Voice Dialog initiated by Hal and Sidra Stone in California.

Since then, my skills have been enriched with new tools such as Erickson Hypnosis.

Energy, a key

Today, with Blue Granit, I offer my coaching expertise to business leaders.

I use my professional methods, my energy, my empathy to better support them, to help them find their ways, in their strategic operational choices.

To establish a relationship of trust, with lasting and tangible results, I prefer face-to-face interviews. Later, I can also work with Skype.

My objective :

  • Highlight the different selves of my clients to develop their aware ego.
  • Help them balance their apparent contradictions, even in decision-making.

Blue like horizon

Granit like energy

Coaching sessions are possible in Two different places

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Hangar à Paname
165 bis rue de Vaugirard
75015 Paris


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15 quai des Chartrons
33000 Bordeaux


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13, rue de Crucy
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